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How can (Facebook, the internet…) be made safer?

What are the background factors that are stimulating the need for enquiry in this area?

Hackers, stalkers, Facebook.. these are topics that would interest most people. The question can be adapted to other social media networks: chatrooms, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. Even though Facebook is a wonderful way to keep in touch with news of friends all over the world, there is also the constant danger of your privacy being invaded by unwanted guests. This Big Question will stimulate research into how exactly spammers, hackers and stalkers operate and research into the work the security division at Facebook does. This Big Question will lead to critically evaluating the information acquired and to debating what the gaps are in online protection and to exploring new ways of online safety. The following Big Challenge could accompany the Big Question : "Max Kelly is Head of Security at Facebook. You are applying for a post in security. You have been asked to make a 5 min presentation on making Facebook safer from spammers, hackers and online stalkers."

Which group of learners might this particular question be suitable for?

Young people and adults interested in Facebook, hackers, spammers, online stalkers.

What physical space do you envisage will support the learning?

Any suitable space that has an internet connection or WIFI. A range of formal and informal spaces are suitable. Here are some suggestions: Formal learning spaces: classroom, lecture rooms (schools, colleges, universities, work) Informal learning spaces: S4A Learning Hub, youth groups, digital clubs, community groups

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