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The EUROSOLE project is a collaboration between six partner organisations from across Europe….

NCL_logoSOLE Central (EUROSOLE project co-ordinator) is a global hub for research into self-organised learning environments (SOLEs), bringing together researchers, practitioners, policy makers and entrepreneurs, headed by Professor Sugata Mitra. This interdisciplinary research centre is led by the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences at Newcastle University, UK. SOLE Central has a participatory research agenda where global challenges such as the future of learning, the role of digital technology in education and participatory approaches to curriculum design for learning feature as key areas. The creation of the centre grew out of a series of experiments with children in rural India by Sugata, winner of the 2013 $1 Million TED prize.  Mitra’s prize has enabled his wish to “build a School in the Cloud” and has already transformed lives in some of the most disadvantaged communities in the world.

For more information about SOLE Central and EUROSOLE contact Helen Burns (EUROSOLE project lead) via email to or tweet to @euro_sole


Bridge 21 at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland is an education programme which offers new models of learning that can be adapted for use in Irish secondary schools. Bridge 21 challenges conventional models of teaching and seeks to change the second level classrooms so that students are empowered to teach and learn through technology and team work, and the teacher adopts the role of an orchestrator of learning.  All programmes run at Bridge21 incorporate 4 key areas and mean that learning is: team-based, technology mediated, project based and cross- curricular.

For more information about Bridge 21 and EUROSOLE contact project lead Dr Aibhin Bray via email to, Ciaran Bauer or tweet to @AibhnBray @ciaranbauer @Bridge21Learn

LAMK logoLahti University of Applied Sciences (LAMK) is a multidisciplinary Higher Education Institution located in the city of Lahti in the southern part of Finland. There are 5,300 students aiming at the BSc or MSc level and 260 full-time teaching staff. LAMK provides regional support for traditional small and mid-sized industry and service production that undertake little or no RDI activities of their own. LAMK’s goal is to develop the region’s working life, entrepreneurship, regional learning and innovation environment, and to advance individual and environmental well-being, and finally to support the internationalization of the Lahti Region. Internationally, LAMK is particularly recognized for its design and environmental know-how.

For more information about LAMK and EUROSOLE contact project lead PasiTiihonen via email to or tweet to @PasiTiihonen @LAMKfi

S4A logoSuccess4All Community Interest Company  (S4A) is a NGO based in the North East of England. S4A was initially set up in 2006 to address the educational needs, that could not be met by mainstream education, of children, young people and their families living in deprived areas. S4A works towards building up the skills and qualifications of vulnerable children, young people and their families, living in areas of high deprivation, by pooling their skills and talents and those of volunteers to run Community Learning Hubs throughout the year to support each other academically and emotionally, with leadership skills and with work experience. S4A started with two Community Learning Hubs which has now grown to 7. Since 2006, 1,473 children and young people along with 58 parents have benefited from attending the 7 Learning Hubs and numerous Clubs, supported by 486 volunteers serving to contribute to a successful future for all.

For more information about S4A and EUROSOLE contact project lead Caroline Afolabi via email to or tweet to @S4ALearningHubs

GSHS logoGeorge Stephenson High School (GSHS)  is a secondary school in the North East of England. It caters for just under 1000 young people aged 11–18 who are following pathways towards a number of General Certificates of Secondary Education- GSCEs (aged 16) and a smaller number of General Certificates of Education Advanced Level (aged 16-18, there are approximately 116 students following this pathway). In 2012, the school received recognition from Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) as an Outstanding school in every single category (Achievement, Teaching, Behaviour and Leadership). GSHS is the first secondary school to achieve this judgement in the whole of the North East.

For more information about GSHS and EUROSOLE contact project lead Sally Rix via email to or tweet to @GSHS_School

TKO-logocvo Toekomstonderwijs (TKO Antwerpen)  is a ‘second chance education centre in Belgium and one of more than 30 Flemish centres that enables adults to obtain a diploma that has exactly the same value as certificates given in compulsory full-time secondary education. Second chance education (officially named “Courses of general formation”) is embedded in the centres for adult education (CVO) which is the largest sector within the Flemish continuing education for adults. The origins of CVO can be tracked back to the old “evening schools”, which were established to enable adults to catch up with the education to which they didn’t have access during their initial schooling. Nowadays CVO aims to impart knowledge and improve skills and attitudes which are necessary to function in society, participate in further education, practise a profession or master a language. By attending social advancement education, participating adults may obtain a recognised diploma, certificate or qualification. Second chance education in fact only is a small part of social advancement education. Its goal has remained unchanged for over 30 years: to enable adults (18 years and older) to obtain, at the completion of the third stage, a diploma of secondary education (without having to attend a secondary school). Furthermore second chance education helps adults to increase their chances on the labour market, to remove their feeling of inferiority, and to prepare learners to transfer more easily towards continuing and post-secondary courses.

For more information about TKO and EUROSOLE contact project lead Ad Doom via email to, Silvia Terrenzio or tweet to @addoom2 @TKOAntwerpen

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