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The EUROSOLE project offers a targeted response to the strategic objectives of national education systems and European level cooperation in the area of reducing and tacking early school leaving. Our overall aim is to support the school education field and specifically, lower secondary school education, through the development of new forms of self-organised learning as preventative and intervention measures to tackle early school leaving at local, national and European levels.

Our project looks at how new forms of learning, in which young people rather than educators take a leading role, can foster engagement in one’s own learning with the ultimate aim of facilitating transition pathways beyond lower secondary school education. The project is built around the shared objective to design four sustainable and alternative self-organised learning spaces spanning formal, informal and non-formal learning contexts. These spaces will focus specifically on the teaching and learning of basic and transversal skills as identified by the European Union.

The EUROSOLE Big Question Data Bank is a portal of Big Questions designed to stimulate curiosity and discovery in the learning of basic and transversal skills (See our Skills Guide for more information).  Educators and students are invited to use, request and author their own Big Questions. The Big Question Data Bank sits within the broader EUROSOLE online community and the Big Questions are designed to  be used a stimulus for research through self-organised learning approaches. In 2016-2017, the EUROSOLE team will be designing some great resources and toolkits based on trialling different EUROSOLE learning designs for use with Big Questions.



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